PHP Directory Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on Directory functions in the PHP source code builder.

bool chdir ( string $directory ) - Changes PHP's current directory to directory.

bool chroot ( string $directory ) - Changes the root directory of the current process to directory.

void closedir ( resource $dir_handle ) - Closes the directory stream indicated by dir_handle.

Directory ( string $directory ) - Return an instance of the Directory class

string getcwd ( void ) - Gets the current working directory.

resource opendir ( string $path [, resource $context ] ) -

string readdir ( resource $dir_handle ) - Returns the filename of the next file from the directory. The filenames are returned in the order in which they are stored by the filesystem.

void rewinddir ( resource $dir_handle ) - Resets the directory stream indicated by dir_handle to the beginning of the directory.

array scandir ( string $directory [, int $sorting_order [, resource $context ]] ) -