PHP Direct IO Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on Direct IO functions in the PHP source code builder.

void dio_close ( resource $fd ) - The function dio_close() closes the file descriptor fd.

mixed dio_fcntl ( resource $fd , int $cmd [, mixed $args ] ) - The dio_fcntl() function performs the operation specified by cmd on the file descriptor fd. Some commands require additional arguments args to be supplied.

resource dio_open ( string $filename , int $flags [, int $mode ] ) - dio_open() opens a file and returns a new file descriptor for it.

string dio_read ( resource $fd [, int $len ] ) - The function dio_read() reads and returns len bytes from file with descriptor fd.

int dio_seek ( resource $fd , int $pos [, int $whence ] ) - The function dio_seek() is used to change the file position of the given file descriptor.

array dio_stat ( resource $fd ) - dio_stat() returns information about the given file descriptor.

bool dio_tcsetattr ( resource $fd , array $options ) - dio_tcsetattr() sets the terminal attributes and baud rate of the open fd.

bool dio_truncate ( resource $fd , int $offset ) - dio_truncate() truncates a file to at most offset bytes in size.

int dio_write ( resource $fd , string $data [, int $len ] ) - dio_write() writes up to len bytes from data to file fd.