PHP DBM [deprecated] Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on DBM [deprecated] functions in the PHP source code builder.

string dblist ( void ) - Describes the GDBM version.

bool dbmclose ( resource $dbm_identifier ) - Unlocks and closes the specified database.

bool dbmdelete ( resource $dbm_identifier , string $key ) - Deletes the value for key in the database.

bool dbmexists ( resource $dbm_identifier , string $key ) - Returns TRUE if there is a value associated with the key.

string dbmfetch ( resource $dbm_identifier , string $key ) - Gets the value associated with the given key.

string dbmfirstkey ( resource $dbm_identifier ) - Returns the first key in the database. Note that no particular order is guaranteed since the database may be built using a hash-table, which doesn't guarantee any ordering.

int dbminsert ( resource $dbm_identifier , string $key , string $value ) - Adds the value to the database with the specified key.

string dbmnextkey ( resource $dbm_identifier , string $key ) - Returns the next key after key.

resource dbmopen ( string $filename , string $flags ) - Opens the specified DBM database in the given mode.

int dbmreplace ( resource $dbm_identifier , string $key , string $value ) - Replaces the value for the specified key in the database.