PHP CURL, Client URL Library Functions

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void curl_close ( resource $ch ) - Closes a cURL session and frees all resources. The cURL handle, ch, is also deleted.

resource curl_copy_handle ( resource $ch ) - Copies a cURL handle keeping the same preferences.

int curl_errno ( resource $ch ) - Returns the error number for the last cURL operation.

string curl_error ( resource $ch ) - Returns a clear text error message for the last cURL operation.

mixed curl_exec ( resource $ch ) - Execute the given cURL session.

mixed curl_getinfo ( resource $ch [, int $opt ] ) - Gets information about the last transfer,

resource curl_init ([ string $url ] ) -

int curl_multi_add_handle ( resource $mh , resource $ch ) - Adds the ch handle to the multi handle mh

void curl_multi_close ( resource $mh ) - Closes a set of cURL handles.

int curl_multi_exec ( resource $mh , int &$still_running ) - Processes each of the handles in the stack. This method can be called whether or not a handle needs to read or write data.

string curl_multi_getcontent ( resource $ch ) - If CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER is an option that is set for a specific handle, then this function will return the content of that cURL handle in the form of a string.

array curl_multi_info_read ( resource $mh [, int $msgs_in_queue ] ) - Ask the multi handle if there are any messages/informationals from the individual transfers. Messages may include informationals such as an error code from the transfer or just the fact that a transfer is completed.

resource curl_multi_init ( void ) - Allows the processing of multiple cURL handles in parallel.

int curl_multi_remove_handle ( resource $mh , resource $ch ) - Removes a given ch handle from the given mh handle.

int curl_multi_select ( resource $mh [, float $timeout ] ) - Get all the sockets associated with the cURL extension, which can then be selected.

bool curl_setopt ( resource $ch , int $option , mixed $value ) - Sets an option on the given cURL session handle.

bool curl_setopt_array ( resource $ch , array $options ) - Sets multiple options for a cURL session.

array curl_version ([ int $age ] ) - Returns information about the cURL version.