PHP BBCode Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on BBCode functions in the PHP source code builder.

bool bbcode_add_element ( resource $bbcode_container , string $tag_name , array $tag_rules ) - Adds a tag to an existing BBCode_Container tag_set using tag_rules.

bool bbcode_add_smiley ( resource $bbcode_container , string $smiley , string $replace_by ) - Adds a smiley to the parser

resource bbcode_create ([ array $bbcode_initial_tags ] ) - This function returns a new BBCode Resource used to parse BBCode strings.

bool bbcode_destroy ( resource $bbcode_container ) -

string bbcode_parse ( resource $bbcode_container , string $to_parse ) -

bool bbcode_set_arg_parser ( resource $bbcode_container , resource $bbcode_arg_parser ) - Attaches another parser to the bbcode_container. This parser is used only when arguments must be parsed. If this function is not used, the default argument parser is the parser itself.

bool bbcode_set_flags ( resource $bbcode_container , int $flags [, int $mode ] ) - Set or alter parser options