PHP Advanced PHP debugger Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on Advanced PHP debugger functions in the PHP source code builder.

bool apd_breakpoint ( int $debug_level ) - This can be used to stop the running of your script, and await responses on the connected socket. To step the program, just send enter (a blank line), or enter a php command to be executed.

array apd_callstack ( void ) - Returns the current call stack as an array

void apd_clunk ( string $warning [, string $delimiter ] ) - Behaves like perl's Carp::cluck. Throw a warning and a callstack.

bool apd_continue ( int $debug_level ) - Usually sent via the socket to restart the interpreter.

void apd_croak ( string $warning [, string $delimiter ] ) - Behaves like perl's Carp::croak. Throw an error, a callstack and then exit.

void apd_dump_function_table ( void ) - Outputs the current function table.

array apd_dump_persistent_resources ( void ) - Return all persistent resources as an array.

array apd_dump_regular_resources ( void ) - Return all current regular resources as an array.

bool apd_echo ( string $output ) - Usually sent via the socket to request information about the running script.

array apd_get_active_symbols ( void ) - Returns the names of all the variables defined in the active scope, (not their values).

string apd_set_pprof_trace ([ string $dump_directory [, string $fragment ]] ) - Starts debugging to pprof_{process_id} in the dump directory.

void apd_set_session ( int $debug_level ) - This can be used to increase or decrease debugging in a different area of your application.

void apd_set_session_trace ( int $debug_level [, string $dump_directory ] ) - Starts debugging to apd_dump_{process_id} in the dump directory.

bool apd_set_socket_session_trace ( string $tcp_server , int $socket_type , int $port , int $debug_level ) - Connects to the specified tcp_server (eg. tcplisten) and sends debugging data to the socket.

bool override_function ( string $function_name , string $function_args , string $function_code ) - Overrides built-in functions by replacing them in the symbol table.

bool rename_function ( string $original_name , string $new_name ) - Renames a orig_name to new_name in the global function table. Useful for temporarily overriding built-in functions.