JavaScript Window Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on Window functions in the JavaScript source code builder.

alert (message) - Displays an alert box with a message and an OK button

blur () - Removes focus from the current window

clearInterval (id) - Cancels a timeout set with setInterval()

clearTimeout (id) - Cancels a timeout set with setTimeout()

close () - close

confirm (message) - Displays a dialog box with a message and an OK and a Cancel button

createPopup () - Creates a pop-up window

focus () - Sets focus to the current window

moveBy (x,y) - Moves a window relative to its current position

moveTo(x,y) - Moves a window to the specified position

open (URL[,name[,Specs[,replace]]]) - Opens a new browser window

print () - Prints the contents of the current window

prompt ([text[,defaultText]]) - Displays a dialog box that prompts the user for input

resizeBy (width[,height]) - Resizes a window by the specified pixels

resizeTo (width[,height]) - Resizes a window to the specified width and height

scrollBy (x,y) - Scrolls the content by the specified number of pixels

scrollTo (x,y) - Scrolls the content to the specified coordinates

setInterval (code,milliseconds[,lang]) - Evaluates an expression at specified intervals

setTimeout (code,milliseconds[,lang]) - Evaluates an expression after a specified number of milliseconds