EditRocket - General Text Editor Features

The EditRocket text editor and source code editor includes many tools for searching, navigating, editing, and manipulating text. Listed below are some of these features.

For more information on programming language specific features, see the links on the right-hand side of the page. For example, EditRocket provides custom features for PHP, Python, Java, and many more programming languages.

Search Tools

  • Find and Replace with Regular Expression Support - Search text and code easily - forward, backward, all lines or selected lines only, whole words, regular expressions, case, search for text with line breaks and tabs, and more.
  • Find and Replace in Files - Search files for text or find and replace text in files. Can filter by file type and directory. Includes the ability to search sub-directories.
  • Find in Open Editors - Search for text in currently open editor tabs.
  • Bracket Matching and Tag Matching tools.
  • Bookmarks - Easily jump from important line to important line in text using the bookmarking functionality.

File System Browser

  • File System Browser - The file system browser allows users to browse files and directories on their local driver or network drivers. Users can perform multiple operations such as renaming, copying, moving, deleting, searching, and combining files. The file system browser also has head, tail, get section, size, sorting, and filtering options.

Text Manipulation Tools

  • Sort lines
  • To upper case and to lower case
  • Tabs to spaces and spaces to tabs
  • Remove whitespace and remove whitespaces from either beginning or end of lines
  • Remove blank lines
  • Remove duplicate lines
  • Remove lines containing and remove lines starting with
  • Append and Prepend text to lines
  • Wrap text at column number
  • Auto word wrap
  • Unwrap text
  • Word count


The EditRocket text editor gives users the ability to quickly execute common tasks through the support of recordable macros. Simply hit record, type a name for your macro, execute the task, and then stop recording. The macro is now availble and can be set up via a keyboard shortcut or via a menu option.

Other Text Editing Features

  • Text to HTML Converter - A tool to convert text into HTML.
  • Spell Checker - An English language spell check tool.
  • Key Ahead - Quickly enter custom text via a keyboard shortcut
  • Replace Range - Replace column number based ranges of text
  • Goto Line - Quickly jump to a line number
  • File Compare
  • Zip File Utility - Read files from or extract zip files.
  • Favorites - Store favorite files or directories for easy clickable access.
  • Templates - Pre-defined templates for over 20 programming languages for quickly getting started with code.
  • Support for dozens of file encodings
  • Support for Windows, Unix, and Mac line breaks