Text Editor

The EditRocket text editor includes many tools for searching, navigating, editing, and manipulating text. Listed below are some of these features.

Find, Replace, and Find / Replace in Files

The EditRocket text editor includes extensive search and replace functionality via the Find / Replace and Find / Replace in Files tools. EditRocket also includes a file and directory search tool located in the File menu. The find / replace tool supports forward and backward find and replace, selected lines or all lines, case sensitivity, whole word, search wrapping, regular expressions, and seaching with text that includes tabs and line breaks. The find replace in files tool will recursively search files and directories for text to find and / or replace.

Bracket and Tag Matching

The EditRocket text editors includes tools to allow users to match brackets and HTML or XML tags. Brackets are also automatically highlighted when closed.


The EditRocket text editor supports bookmarks. Bookmarks allow users to remember lines in the editor and then jump to those lines quickly.

Text manipulation tools

The EditRocket text editor includes many text manipulation tools such as tabs to spaces, spaces to tabs, to upper and lower case, appending and prepending text to lines, removing beginning, trailing, or all white space, removing blank lines, removing duplicate lines, removing lines containing or starting with, formatting text to a specific column number or to fit the screen, and so on.

File Tools

The EditRocket text editor includes a powerful file system browser that allows users to navigate the file system and perform operations such as moving, copying, deleting, and renaming files and directories. Also included are tools to get the head, tail, or sections of files, plus much more.


The EditRocket text editor gives users the ability to quickly execute common tasks through the support of recordable macros. Simply hit record, type a name for your macro, execute the task, and then stop recording. The macro is now availble and can be set up via a keyboard shortcut or via a menu option.

Other text features

The EditRocket text editor has many more features such as spell check, key ahead, replace range, go to line, and much more.