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What is the process for placing Purchase Orders?

Common Order Submission Errors and Their Explanations

Inquiries about Processed Orders (Status, Receipts, Invoices, etc.)

Information about payment options, delivery, taxes, etc.





Purchase Order Information

To submit a purchase order, please follow the link on the EditRocket purchasing page to the online order processor. Enter any details such as name, address, etc., and select the Purchase Order payment option. After hitting next, an order id will be generated and given to you, and a screen with an invoice detailing the total cost of the order and information on how to submit the purchase order will display.

The purchase order can either be mailed or faxed. The address and fax number will be displayed on the screen. Please remember to include the order number on the purchase order. Once a hard copy of the purchase order is received, RegNow / Digital River will process the transaction and send the bill separtely.



Common Order Submission Errors


Shopping Cart Will Not Add Item / Says Item Is Deleted.

If this happens, it is generally either a problem with cookies or with an incompatibility with a particular browser. Please either try another browser, or clear the cache / cookies in the current browser and try again.

Invalid Information Error Message

If you receive an error message regarding the information you have provided when placing an order, please check your information, correct the errors, and re-submit the order.

Failed Credit Card Transaction

There are many reasons for a failed credit card transaction or a card being rejected.
* For credit card verification, you must enter the address exactly as it appears on your credit card statement.
* Your card number should be entered in as a continuous string of numbers.
* The systems in place to try to detect fraudulent use of stolen credit card numbers may sometimes issue an error that is a "false positive".
* Your card may have expired or reached its limit, a credit card computer (either on ordering end or your bank's end) may have encountered a machine error, or the card-issuing bank may have refused authorization for the payment, etc.

If you receive an error message related to a failed transaction, to find out the cause for the problem, you can contact RegNow (and provide the order number from the shopping cart). You can also call a customer service representative:

1-877-353-7297 (USA)

1-952-646-5331 (International)


Inquiries about Processed Orders (Status, Receipts, Invoices, etc.)

Obtaining an Invoice/Receipt

* Once processing of your order is successfully completed, you can obtain a copy of your invoice/receipt by clicking the "Receipt" link on the order information page in your web browser.
* You can also obtain a receipt online via the order lookup page.

Software Delivery: Order Status & Download Link * Order processing and distribution of EditRocket is done through Digital River, Inc. dba RegNow (the international software distributor/reseller). Once processing of your order is successfully completed, detailed information about the order (e.g., items ordered, download link, etc.) will be immediately displayed on the order information page in your web browser. If you have closed the browser window before downloading the software, obtaining a receipt, etc., do not be concerned. Your order confirmation e-mail, sent shortly after the order processing is completed, will include information regarding the order fulfillment and other details.

NOTE: If you have not received your order confirmation e-mail, please note the following:
The e-mail could have been trapped by spam filters; please check your spam folder and ensure your email server allows e-mails from Richardson Software, LLC and Regnow.
If a purchasing department, a reseller, or another individual has placed your order; chances are they have provided their e-mail address as the recipient of the product.

Inquiries Regarding a Backup CD Delivery

* Richardson Software, LLC products are distributed via download. However, while ordering a Richardson Software product license, you may have added to your order a backup CD or/and EDS that are on-demand services offered by Digital River, Inc. dba RegNow. Please note that all inquiries about delivery of these services should be directed to RegNow Customer Service; Richardson Software, LLC is not responsible for and cannot address issues related to these third party services.



Payment Options, Taxes, etc.


Payment Options and International Currencies

* Payment options include credit/debit card, invoice, purchase order, check, money order, wire transfer, and open invoice (Giro). The currently accepted cards are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Visa Check Card, Eurocard, and MasterMoney.
* While ordering online, if you prefer to provide your credit card information by fax or use a payment option other than credit card, select the desired option in the order form and submit your order; the required information will be provided to you in your web browser once the order has been submitted.

Ordering by Phone

Software licenses can be ordered 24/7 online or by phone.

* If you prefer to place an order by phone, call Regnow Customer Service:

1-877-353-7297 (USA)

1-952-646-5331 (International)

International Currencies:

  • US Dollar
  • Euro
  • Pound Sterling
  • Australian Dollar
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Swedish Krona
  • New Zealand Dollar
  • Norwegian Krone
  • Yen
  • Hong Kong Dollar
  • Danish Krone
  • Swiss Franc
  • Rand
  • Singapore Dollar
  • Yuan Renminbi

Order Security

* When you click the "Buy Now" button of any license type on this website, you will be directed to a secure server that encrypts all of the customer's personal information including the name, address and credit card number. Encryption ensures that no one can access or use personal information in an unauthorized manner. Credit card information is sent directly to the credit card processor in a secure fashion, with no visibility to Richardson Software, LLC or anyone else.

US States Sales Tax

* Customers from states such as Minnesota, Nebraska, Illinois, and Utah, or from states whose regulations require collecting sales tax for downloadable digital products, including software, are subject to the applicable sales tax.

* If you place an order on behalf of a tax-exempt organization, before placing the order, please fax a copy of your tax-exemption form with an address matching your order's billing or shipping address to: 1-800-442-3172 (1-952-646-5604 international) Please include your email address on the fax cover page and include that the fax contains a Tax Exemption form.


* Pursuant to the European Union Digital VAT Directive, EU customers are subject to VAT on all downloadable digital products and services, including software.

* If you place an order on behalf of a VAT-exempt institution, provide the VAT-exemption ID in the appropriate field of the order form.