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What is the process for placing Purchase Orders?

Inquiries about Processed Orders (Status, Receipts, Invoices, etc.)

Information about payment options, delivery, taxes, etc.



Purchase Order Information

EditRocket can be ordered via purchase order through the EditRocket payment processor, FastSpring. The link to order via purchase order can be found on the following page:

Buy Via Purchase Order

After clicking the purchase order link on the above page, a page will display with fields for entering contact details. After continuing to the next page, a downloadable invoice will be provided. Payment instructions are included on the invoice.

By default, payment is required prior to delivery. License codes may be provided prior to payment in certain situations. Please use the "Contact" link on the top menu bar to send a message to the EditRocket staff for more information.



Inquiries about Processed Orders (Status, Receipts, Invoices, etc.)

Obtaining an Invoice/Receipt

After ordering, an informational email will be sent to the email address provided on the order form. This email will contain a link to a receipt / invoice of your order.

License Code Delivery

* Order processing and distribution of EditRocket is done through FastSpring (the international software distributor/reseller). Once processing of your order is successfully completed, detailed information about the order (e.g., items ordered, etc.) will be immediately displayed on the order information page in your web browser. If you have closed the browser window before obtaining a receipt, etc., do not be concerned. Your order confirmation e-mail, sent shortly after the order processing is completed, will include information regarding the order fulfillment and other details.

NOTE: If you have not received your order confirmation e-mail, please note the following:
The e-mail could have been trapped by spam filters; please check your spam folder and ensure your email server allows e-mails from Richardson Software, LLC; Richardson Software, LLC Support; and FastSpring.
If a purchasing department, a reseller, or another individual has placed your order; chances are they have provided their e-mail address as the recipient of the product.

Payment Options, Taxes, etc.

Order Security

* When you click the buy link of any license type on this website, you will be directed to a secure server that encrypts all of the customer's personal information including the name, address and credit card number. Encryption ensures that no one can access or use personal information in an unauthorized manner. Credit card information is sent directly to the credit card processor in a secure fashion, with no visibility to Richardson Software, LLC or anyone else.

US States Sales Tax

As of this writing, digital purchases of EditRocket sold via the reseller FastSpring do not require the collection of state sales tax.


* Pursuant to the European Union Digital VAT Directive, EU customers are subject to VAT on all downloadable digital products and services, including software.

* If you place an order on behalf of a VAT-exempt institution, provide the VAT-exemption ID in the appropriate field of the order form.